Cloudy News – 10-Sep-2021

A weekly roundup of technology news and events that affect you and your children

Monday – 6th-September

The EU/Germany Wants to Increase the time Phones are Supported

Slashgear has a report about the EU looking at formally legislating the time during which your mobile phone is supported by manufacturers.

Currently there is no specifically defined time period for which the software running your phone (iOS, or Android) is supported. Or for the time during which spare parts are available. The usual, unofficial, industry-standard is two years.

For the mobile phone related companies, supporting software and hardware requires time, people, and of course money. Shiny new software and associated functionality will sell more shiny new phones, and get more news headlines, and of course more money.

At the moment, it seems the industry players want to try and keep the status quo, saying they want any legislation to only require two years of feature update support, and three years for security updates. The EU would like to increase this time period to five years. Germany is thinking of going longer and looking at seven years.

It will be interesting to see which side wins in this time of the Right to Repair and Climate Change movements.

Manufacturing, and shipping to market lots of new phones, essentially due to in built redundancy, could be a cost to the environment, through shipping and mining metals. But is it a cost people are willing to pay, not to have a shiny new phone in the pocket every year or eighteen-months? For one thing they might miss the fun of standing endlessly outside an Apple store in the rain.

Tuesday – 7th September

A Date with an Apple

Put the 14th September in your diary, as Apple will very likely be announcing the iPhone 13 (so prepare for some pestering from the kids on wanting a new phone because Cynthia’s Daddy has just bought her the shiny new iPhone 13 Pro Max!).

There are rumours new AirPods could also be announced.

The event will be a virtual release event, dubbed “California Streaming”, as tweeted by Apple’s SVP of Marketing, Greg Joswiak.

Get ready for – “Mummy/Daddy, I NEED the new iPhone”

Wednesday – 8th September

+ = Filmy, filmy

Facebook have teamed up with the sun glasses maker Ray-Ban to create Ray-Ban Stories, smart sunglasses with inbuilt cameras which will make it easy to film and share content with your followers.

The specifications are: dual cameras (5MP – one in each arm), touch controls, open-ear speakers, and of course full integration with the Facebook View app. There is also a blue light filter to reduce eye strain with screens, which I guess you will be looking at more as you watch and share what you’ve just filmed.

Just remember, in the future, if you are chatting with someone wearing a pair of Ray-Bans with funny circles on the front, and the wearer asks you to quickly sign a release form, you might have just said or done something you could regret!

Thursday – 9th September

The xirtaM is Back (You work it out)

After three films, countless cool fights scenes and hundreds of humans dead, it seems Neo and the rest all failed. Things are back to normal and no one remembers their fight to save humanity, which they obviously lost. Or did they?

Frankly, you can’t really tell what is going on from the new trailer, except for some moody scenes between Neo and Trinity, physics bending slow-mo fight scenes. But then that is the point. It gives you enough old-time Matrix memories to whet what appetite you have left after trawling through Matrix Revolutions.

If your kids don’t know what the Matrix is, they can binge the original 3 films on Netflix.

Friday – 10th September

AI To the Rescue – The World is Saved – Robots can now Avoid Dog Poop

iRobot, the maker of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners have announced the newest j Series model. It’s “powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System” now has the brains to avoid trying to suck up any dog (or cat) poop it finds lying around your house.

You might think it trying to hoover away canine feaces might be a good thing, but as videos like this one have shown, when a Roomba encounters this sort of filth, it tends to redecorate with it, rather than clean it tidily away.

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