Cloudy News – 17-Sep-2021

A weekly roundup of technology news and events that affect you and your children

Monday – 13th September

Get the Maggots out of your Apple

Apple have released an urgent security update for all iPhones, iPads and Macs. The update is to fix a vulnerability where malicious spyware players could hack directly into these devices – without the user even having to click anything.

University of Toroto Citizen Lab researchers discovered the ‘zero-click’ exploit, which involves nothing more than malicious image files being sent to the Apple device via the iMessage app.

This highly worrying exploit has been called ‘Forcedentry’.

So – Update those Apples today!!

Tuesday – 14th September

Apple Again

I know, I know, another Apple story, but as mentioned in last week’s news, today is Apple Day, or “California Streaming” day, or Apple’s big announcement of the latest devices and gadgets your children (and probably you) are going to be so desperate to get.

In the end , Apple was all 6s and 7s, and 9s and 13s, for the Apple didth announce the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch 7, a new iPad 9 and a new iPad mini 6.

So as mentioned before, those shiny new Apple products in your pocket, and on your desk have, just become a lot less new and a lot less shiny. They are now officially (thanks to Apple, the people you bought them off) yesterday’s technology.

Wednesday – 15th September

Unicode 14.0 is Released

Uni-what? And why should I care about the 14.0 release?

The answer to the first question is a bit techy, but the fundamentals are that Unicode is the standard by which computers display all the language characters (and other things – more in a bit) necessary for a globally connected world. Think things like chinese and arabic and other non-Latin-1 characters you see when you look down at a UK/US keyboard.

The 14.0 release adds a total of 838 new characters, giving a total 144,697 characters it can be used to display or type.

Now the most important part to the Cloud Parent! Unicode is also the way emojis are displayed. The 14.0 release introduces 37 new emojis!

New emojis include a Melting Face (useful in climate change discussions), a Troll (probably going to get most use in arguments where someone not agreeing with you, for example about about climate change, is called a troll), and a pregnant man (a good ol’ bit of controversy to get the online arguments going, see use of Troll emoji – 🙂 <- note the old fashioned emoji I slipped in there!).

Melting Face emoji

Troll emoji
Pregnant Man emoji

Thursday – 16th September

The Sinclair is No More

Sir Clive Sinclair died at the age of 81. He had been suffering from cancer for over a decade and finally, tragically, succumbed.

A prolific inventor he is, perhaps, most infamously known for the Sinclair C5 electric vehicle – a pioneering electric vehicle without the tweetability of Elon Musk, and either doors or a roof.

His greatest success though was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. A small box of wonder and rubber keys for many children in the 80s, it brought home computing to the masses, across the world.

Forget the the C5 and remember a true pioneer of the home computing, and if there weren’t a computer in every home, the internet would not have become the huge resource of knowledge (and money) that it has.

Friday – 17th September

Changes at the Top – Wikimedia Foundation

One of those behind the scenes changes this week. There is a new CEO, Maryana Iskander, taking over at the Wikimedia Foundation. Maryana has come from a South-African non-profit, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.

The Wikimedia Foundation aims to provide free access to knowledge around the world.

Although you might not have heard of the Wikimedia Foundation, the name is probably making you think of Wikipedia, and you are not wrong to think so. TheWikimedia Foundation is the organisation behind Wikipedia, and other projects such as Wikimedia Commons (a vast library of free to use media) and WikiBooks (a collection of free non-fiction e-book textbooks, manuals etc.).

Any news you think I’ve missed? Or comments on anything above, leave your words in the comments below.

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