About Cloud Parenting

I am a parent, author and blogger, with over 20 years experience in the tech industry working for, and with, global technology companies and government clients


Our usage of, and reliance upon computers has grown astronomically since our children were born*

So have the capabilities and knowledge of computer systems

Our children are growing up in a world dominated by social medial, the Internet, cloud computing, AI, and data.

Computers have changed from simple machines, into networked, intelligent devices that control vast swathes of our lives.

Humans used to use computers, but more and more, computers are using humans.

*Such is the pace of change, no matter how old your children, your reliance will have increased since they day they came into this world

As a Parent You Can Help Your Child…

Understand technology, under-the-hood, and behind the scenes

Learn how to program, so they have skills valuable in a technology lead society

Use social media better, so they get what they want from it and are not controlled by it

Recognize technology’s place in the news and society, so they can see how changes in technology are impacting the society they are growing up in